Wellington Stake Youth Conference 2019

What is my story?

12 Jul 2019 - 14 Jul 2019


The theme for this Stake Youth Conference is: "My Story".

Essentially YOU get to decide what the theme of this conference is for YOU.
As you participate in the various activities, workshops and fireside, what does the spirit teach you about how you can live your life in a way that shows your love to God and to your neighbour?. What is the story that you want to tell by the way you live? What is one of the key things your Heavenly Father wants you to do in your life?
During the course of the weekend, see if you can come up with a short phrase that sums up the story you want your life to tell.
If you feel the spirit prompting you to show your love to God and others by serving a full-time mission, you may entitle your story "Serve with honour", or "Called to serve", or something like that.
If the spirit teaches you that you have a big part to play in doing Family History and Temple work for your ancestors, the title of your story might be "My Family Tree", "A link for my generations", or something like that.
If you feel comfort from the spirit that the challenges you currently face will strengthen you for the future, you might make the title of your story "A diamond in the making", or something like that.
Make it unique, make it you, be creative and be guided by the spirit. And share your story with others so that you can inspire them too.We look forward to spending the weekend with you and we look forward to hearing your story.


Held over 3 days (12th July to 14th July) with youth returning home each day

Friday, 12 July: Petone Chapel  |  Saturday, 13 July: Wellington Chapel  |  Sunday, 14 July: Tawa Chapel


The Wellington Stake Youth Conference is open to all youth (including non-members) in the Wellington Stake

Aged 11 to 17 on 12 July 2019 i.e. 1st day of conference


No cost

Registrations must be in by Sunday, 30 June at 6pm.

By registering you agree to follow instructions of Church leaders and agree to abide by the standards in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet (please read before coming to the Youth Conference)

(Leaders, please provide the For Strength of Youth pamphlet to non-members attendees)

For all conference related questions please email: 2019youthconference@gmail.com


Main organisers and emergency contact during conference:

Mika Butters (Stake Young Women President): mikabutters@gmail.com 0279399789 

Richard Busby (Stake Young Men President): lbuztui@gmail.com 022 681 4694